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This is the automated handler validation and upload service. Anyone can submit a handler to be updated, but both the handler author and the database maintainer must review the handler before it is entered into the handler database.

The process works as follows:

Step 1: You submit the modified handler using the form below. The validation service will perform a series of checks on the handler. (You can leave the name and email blank if you don't want to be notified of the results of the submission.)

Step 2: The results of the checks will be shown. If errors are found, you can not proceed. If no errors are found, you can proceed to step 3.

Step 3: The handler is stored in a temporary location, and an email is sent to the handler's author.

Step 4: If the handler author approves the update, they reply to the email, using a special approval code. If the author doesn't approve, they reply using a disapprove code and provide an explanation. (Or they can do nothing and the handler is removed after 5 days.) If the handler is not approved, an email is sent to the submitter.

Step 5: If the handler is approved by the author, then a similar email is sent to the database maintainer. If the maintainer approves, they reply using a special approval code, and the handler enters the database. Otherwise, they reply with a disapprove code and provide an explanation, and both the submitter and author are notified. 

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If you have suggestions about how this process can be improved, please send email to

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