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News Clipper requires the following:
  • Approximately 5 MB of disk space for the application
  • Approximately 5-20 MB of disk space on the web server to cache images as necessary
  • Telnet or FTP access to web server. Telnet access is required if you intend to install News Clipper on your web server. FTP access is required if you intend to run News Clipper locally and FTP the output files to the web server.

In addition, users who choose to install the Perl version of News Clipper will need the following:

  • Perl 5.004 or newer
  • Experience installing Perl modules


News Clipper is free. Precompiled versions are available for the operating systems below. If you do not see your operating system listed, you have several choices. If you are familiar with installing Perl packages, you can install the "Perl" or "Open Source" version yourself. If you are unfamiliar with installing Perl packages, you can contract us to either install the Perl version or create a compiled version for your operating system.

The current version of News Clipper is 1.33, released January 4, 2002.

  • Documentation
    • 8 chapters, 105 pages
    • .tar.gz archive
    • PDF and HTML included
  • RedHat Linux
    • Pre-compiled Binaries
    • Installation of Perl modules not required
    • Perl not required
    • Easy Installation
    • Can partially work for other Linux systems--some handlers and features may not work.
  • Perl Systems
    • For Windows 95/98/NT, Linux, Solaris, DOS, OS/2, AIX, FreeBSD, HPUX, IRIX, DEC OSF, SunOS, MacOS, VMS, VOS, OS390, VMESA, RISCOS and BSDI
    • Source code only
    • Perl 5.004 required
    • make (or nmake for Windows) required
    • Installation of Perl modules required
  • Open Source (Current version: 1.33)
  • The News Clipper Open Source distribution can be redistributed and modified under the licensing terms specified by the GPL. See the Open Source homepage.

    • Not recommended for users not familiar with Perl and Open Source software
    • New, less-tested features not present in the commercial version
    • Source code only
    • Perl 5.004 required
    • make (or nmake for Windows) required
    • Rudimentary documentation
    • MakeHandler handler creation utility provided
    • Mailing List support

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