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Spinnaker Software provides consulting services for News Clipper using the News Clipper Developer Network (DevNet), a group of experienced News Clipper consultants. After sending email to describing your need, you will be referred to a DevNet member who will form a business relationship with you in order to have the work done. In particular:
  • You negotiate prices with the consultant
  • You negotiate the work to be done with the consultant
  • Any problems you have must be resolved with the consultant
  • You pay the consultant for services rendered
  • Any refunds must be sought from the consultant
The exact terms may vary from consultant to consultant.

All of our DevNet members are knowledgable professionals. Each is interviewed and certified to have the level of knowledge necessary to perform the work required. However, Spinnaker Software can not guarantee the work that DevNet members perform. Before we refer you to a consultant, you must agree to indemnify Spinnaker Software of any damages you may endure in association with this work. While Spinnaker Software does not automatically assume the role of arbitrator, you can contact us if you have any questions or problems.

Rates for common services are:
  • $25: Write a simple custom handler to grab links from a given web page
  • $50: Install News Clipper and verify correct operation
  • $100/hr, $100 minimum: General consulting -- Integrating News Clipper into an existing web site, specialized handler writing, modification of News Clipper for a particular application, etc.

The refund policy varies from consultant to consultant. Typically, refunds are given only if the consultant has failed to deliver the services under the terms of the agreement, which are drawn up before work begins.

If you're an experienced News Clipper user who is familiar with handler development, Perl, Windows, and Unix, consider joining DevNet. Joining DevNet means:
  • 2 referrals per month (minimum)
  • email access to other DevNet members for technical discussions
  • round-robin distribution of consulting jobs
To join DevNet, you must go through an interview process that demonstrates your ability. Other details are involved, and will addressed later in the process of joining DevNet. If you are interested, send email to

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