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News Clipper is an application which allows you to integrate information from around the internet into your own personal web page - in your own personal style. It accomplishes this by snipping content from pages that you define and shipping them to destination pages of your design. This automated process is executed at your discretion while you maintain complete control over the content input and output.
  • News Clipper can be used to retrieve information from web pages, Usenet articles, text files on the internet, FTP sites.
  • Retrieve news headlines published in XML using Netscape's RDF format. Hundreds of feeds are available with this ability alone.
  • You may choose to extend News Clipper to include information stored locally, enabling an intranet integration of an enterprise's own database of information.
  • Home users of News Clipper can create their own customized "newspapers" instead of visiting numerous sites every day.
  • Web designers can liven up their web pages by adding dynamic content like headlines, stock quotes, and daily factoids.
  • News Clipper operates off-line, which means faster page loads because the content isn't generated on-the-fly.
Below are some small pop-up examples of News Clipper's output...

How would you like a daily stock quote instantly available on your page?
Would you like a graphical weather outlook to plan your weekend?
How about automatic daily updates to hot site listings?
Do you want to provide sports highlights to your site visitors?
Do you want to provide up-to-the-minute headlines to your web site patrons?


News Clipper's unique Handler architecture allows you to create new information sources, or use others that people have already created. News Clipper will automatically update any handlers which are out of date.

News Clipper quietly updates your web pages with new content in the background. You don't have to modify your web server setup, and visitors will not have to wait for server-side applications to run when they load a web page.

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CURRENT VERSION Most recent News Clipper Version: 1.33
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created by 55 authors
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Spinnaker Software, Inc., located in Charlottesville, Virginia provides consulting and software development for its flagship product, News Clipper. Spinnaker addresses the needs of the typical risk-averse user while encouraging the development of open source products.
News Clipper is based on the Open Source development model, which is widely acknowledged as an effective means of building software with high reliability and fast release cycles. Open Source software harnesses the power of a community of programmers to help find and repair software bugs, improve software design, and implement enhancements.

The News Clipper Open Source distribution can be redistributed and modified under the licensing terms specified by the GPL. To download the latest open source version, or to get more information on open source development of News Clipper, visit the News Clipper Open Source webpage.

For more information, please visit the Open Source Homepage.

Here are some comments made by users who have discovered the benefits of automated content delivery and are proud to display the News Clipper power logos. Feel free to download and display these logos on your own News Clipper page.
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"To begin with, let me express my immense satisfaction with NewsClipper. Snipping has never been more fun :-)"

"News Clipper is the niftiest thing I've seen in a long time."

"This Program is so cool... could no longer live without it ... thanks!"

"News Clipper is the best thing since the miniskirt! I'm currently working on News Clipping every site I visit."

"I came across your News Clipper script which really tickled my fancy. I am working (or should I say, I have an outsourced team working) on a content generation engine for my monthly magazine, and that is almost done. The value of including other content by means of a News Clipper type script is quite compelling."

"I spent some hours setting up a page yesterday, and have already received positive comments about it..."

"First, let me thank you for News Clipper. A few weeks ago I wrote a cartoon server via Perl and that uses cookies -- basically, my server allows a user to customize a list of cartoons that they want to see. After I got done with my initial version of this server I asked myself "could I generalize this to get other information?". Luckily, before I starting hacking this together I saw your News Clipper program. So thanks! Your News Clipper program does exactly what I was thinking about hacking together, and more! It's a very cool program."

"... thanks for News Clipper. It is one of the coolest scripts I have ever seen."

"Incidentally, after having done my first handler, I must say that MakeHandler is awesome!"

"I made a handler for the newsticker of the online edition of a German science magazine "Bild der Wissenschaft" ( It was so easy using your I couldn't believe it!"

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